Areas of Expertise

Drillmine is a company specialized in drilling equipment.

International Partners

Drillmine maintains partnerships for the resale of high-tech products in the drilling area with internationally renowned companies.

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About Drillmine

Since 1999, providing the best equipment for your business.

Drillmine Exportadora e Importadora Ltda. was founded in 1999, in the city of São Carlos-SP, with the purpose of providing consultancy services in construction of wells, hydrogeology and geotechnics. From 2006, Drillmine started operating in the international trade sector, with the objective of
promoting products from national manufacturers of equipment for the sectors of Civil Construction, Basic Sanitation, Mining and Sugar.
Drillmine holds a quick response service to customer queries, which aims to acquire able national manufacturers to meet your needs, whether in technical, commercial or delivery terms. In addition, the company also offers its customers and partners in the national industry, full logistical support for the preparation of export documentation, quotation of national and international freight, insurance, etc.